HAVIT HV-MP830 Alfombrilla de ratón Magic Eagle grande para juegos profesionales

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Alfombrilla de ratón profesional grande para juegos HAVIT HV-MP830 Magic Eagle (negra)

Diseño de gran tamaño

Mide 900 * 300 * 3 mm hace que proporcione área utilizable más grande para cubrir el teclado, el mouse y otras cosas en el escritorio cuando juegas.

Calidad de juego

La cubierta de tela de malla fina de alta calidad asegúrate de que el mouse se mueve con suavidad y precisión. ¡Los juegos pueden ser estresantes, no dejes que tu alfombrilla de mouse se agregue!

Base de goma antideslizante de manera efectiva

Anti -La base de goma del patín evita eficazmente que la alfombrilla del mouse se deslice.


El revestimiento impermeable puede evitar daños por derrames de bebidas u otros accidentes, fácil de limpiar.

Lo que dicen

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Pretty cool, 5 stars because this thing just looks awesome with what I have. The only thing I would like to know how fast is the "Asynchronous gradient mode" meaning like, how fast does it get to red to the end? Thank you.

Wendy D.
great product

no shipping notification, but the product is exactly what we hoped for. Thanks!

Great Quality

It was a great purchase, order arrived quick and in a fancy bag.

Great buy...x10

So I needed a new mouse pad but wanted it to cover mouse n keyboard...this is it...absolutely love it...id buy again amd plan to if this one tears up or need a 2nd...and shipping....super fast..got it be4 it was suppose to be here..happy customer here...thanks Havic

Zach W.
Pretty Good

Firstly its way too big this is a pad for a laptop not a mouse, secondly the edges are quiet rough and will start to scratch your hand/wrist after a while. Other than that its good nice long braided cord soft pad the RGB goes nicely with my keyboard.


excellent mouse pad

Konstantin D.
Nice one

I never use such a thing instead of simple little pad, so i had some curiosity, taking this one. Well, it's a simple and maybe unnecessary item, but i like it). Mouse slide very good, pad is nice for touching, also providing arms some rest from hard surface (a very little, but helpful). Cloth quality is good, size will fit your mouse, keyboard, hands, phone and maybe cup of tea. Also pad looks very solid, and provide some irrational sort of comfort. So i can't say anything about larger versions of this, and maybe it's extra thing, but it's rly good, useful and high quality extra thing) In terms of efficiency it's a small boost for your work\game performance, solid boost for your workplace style and sense of comfort, and a little bonus for hands. Yep, and it seems quite easy to clean, it's a good point 2.

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