HAVIT HV-KB395L Teclado mecánico de bajo perfil, 104 teclas, programable, RGB, Kailh PG1350

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Para la versión de 87 teclas y LED, consulte HV-KB390L

Presentamos HV-KB395L, el teclado mecánico ultradelgado de 104 teclas

Como la versión mejorada de HV-KB390L , el teclado mecánico de bajo perfil HV-KB395L completa su experiencia de escritura con el diseño tradicional de 104 teclas y los impresionantes modos de retroiluminación RGB , conservando los interruptores azules Kailh PG1350, 22,5 mm (0,89 pulgadas) de grosor, 3 mm de recorrido total, 45 g de fuerza operativa y todo lo que le encanta de HV-KB390L.

Último perfil bajo Tecnología

Un teclado más delgado no solo significa que es más portátil y más liviano, sino que también significa que se necesita menos tiempo y esfuerzo para presionar una tecla, lo que te hace reaccionar más rápido en el juego y en los negocios cotidianos. Con el último interruptor azul Kailh PG1350, el teclado mecánico de perfil bajo HV-KB395L viene con un grosor de solo 0,89 pulgadas, que es más de un 25% más delgado que un teclado estándar de 104 teclas. Los 3 mm de recorrido total y 45 g de fuerza operativa le brindan una experiencia de escritura mecánica natural y rápida sin ningún sonido de golpe entre las teclas y la cubierta, como lo hacen otros interruptores de recorrido largo.

Interruptor azul de bajo perfil Kailh PG1350

Controla todo con el conductor < / h3>

Al instalar el controlador , puede configurar los siguientes ajustes:

  • Modos retroiluminados
  • Macros
  • Modo de juego
  • Habilitar / deshabilitar la tecla Win
  • Tiempo de respuesta al presionar la tecla
  • Tasa de informe USB
  • Teclas multimedia
  • Perfiles

Cable Micro? USB desmontable

El cable micro USB de 60 pulgadas del teclado se puede desconectar del teclado. Es mucho más fácil transportar el teclado y el cable por separado que llevarlos conectados mientras está en movimiento, ¡también es más fácil reparar / reemplazar el cable!

Modos de retroiluminación RGB

Elija entre los seis modos de retroiluminación preestablecidos presionando FN + F6-F11, o personalice el suyo propio presionando FN + F1-F5 (FN + F12 para guardar)

Lo que dicen

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Customer Reviews

Based on 333 reviews
Roman H.
The best low profile mechanical keyboard

I set out to find a low profile keyboard with good back lighting. After purchasing this keyboard I can't imagine a better one. It strikes the perfect balance of key size, height and travel; it feels very natural and took me no time to get used to. The back light is excellent. First of all the lighting element is completely hidden by the key caps so you don't see the lighting element when looking from the side which can be very distracting. Also the back light can be dimmed to a very low level which is perfect for working in a dark environment. I'm very happy with this keyboard, after owning one for a few months I bought another for my home office.

Karie P.

This is a second one I bought. I love it. Its smooth, durable.

Anton B.
Really great keyboard

Works great. Decent quality, not really loud despite having clicky switches.
Don't really have any complaints.

Sean M.
Awesome Keyboard!

Great keyboard! Low profile feels great and they got the key spacing perfect. Please bring back the Japanese layout for low profile!

Micael V.
Great keyboard

Amazing keyboard, actuation is light, clicky without being too noisy and the low profile make possible to have a very comfortable wrist position without wrist support. Best keyboard I tried to date

Esteban M.

Works great. Nice clicky, satisfying feel and the rgb is easy to program.

I love this keyboard. Feels like the keyboards of old (prior to the LK keyboards).

The only issue I had was that it sometimes does not activate when booting. Replugging in the USB cable fixes it.

Anthony P.
Absolutely fantastic Keyboard.

The keyboard colors are vibrant, but not overpowering. Keyboard keys are both click-y, tactile and have an all-around great feel, also the downloadable application to change the keys and colors works without a hitch. Its a fantastic keyboard, I've got no complaints.

Hayden N.
Love it

I use this thing every day and am using it right now to type out this review. I use AutoCAD for my job, so I use the ability to set macros to each key constantly. The look of the board is professional enough to not cause undue attention, but fun enough to not be boring. The software was a bit difficult to get working, but I got through it and now it's just smooth sailing. I got the blue switches and they are a tad loud for the office, but since I don't constantly type for my work it's really not an issue, but I'm sure it could be if you're constantly typing out emails or something. The RGB is a tad dim, but it's not an issue that comes up very often at all. I really wish they'd make pudding cup caps for this slim one like they do for the full depth version, that would make it more than perfect for me. The caps that come with it feel really nice to begin with but slowly get polished down by your fingers to feel like any normal keycap. There's no sign of the letters rubbing off at all (I don't think they even can). I highly recommend the board.

Kiky A.
Comfy typing/gaming keyboard

Loving this keyboard. It makes your typing smoother and faster. Clicking doesnt sound too loud, it's a gentle high pitched click. I'd say this is more of a typing keyboard than gaming. Though it very responsive for gaming too.
I also really like the RGB lighting options!

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