HAVIT HV-KB390L Teclado mecánico de bajo perfil, 87 teclas, programable, LED, Kailh PG1350

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Presentamos HV-KB390L, el teclado mecánico ultradelgado de 87 teclas de perfil bajo

Con el interruptor azul? de perfil bajo PG1350 de Kailh, el revolucionario perfil bajo HV-KB390L El teclado mecánico proporciona solo 22,5 mm (0,89 pulgadas) de grosor. Con solo 3 mm de recorrido total y aproximadamente 45 g de fuerza operativa, puedes presionar la tecla más rápido y, por lo tanto, liberar tus habilidades en el juego más rápido. Otro beneficio de los viajes cortos es el sonido crujiente de clic, ya que ganó ¡¯ t escuchar el sonido de las teclas golpeando la cubierta del teclado. ¿Muy activo? Simplemente conecte / desenchufe el cable micro USB extraíble adjunto. ¿Necesitas luz? Presione FN + F6-F11 para 6 modos preestablecidos de retroiluminación y FN + F1-F5 para modos de personalización.

Última tecnología de bajo perfil

Un teclado más delgado no solo significa que es más portátil y más liviano, sino que también significa que se necesita menos tiempo y esfuerzo para presionar una tecla, por lo que reacciona más rápido en el juego y en los negocios cotidianos. Con el último interruptor azul Kailh PG1350, el teclado mecánico de perfil bajo HV-KB390L viene con un grosor de solo 0,89 pulgadas, que es más de un 25% más delgado que un teclado estándar de 104 teclas. Los 3 mm de recorrido total y 45 g de fuerza operativa le brindan una experiencia de escritura mecánica natural y rápida sin ningún sonido de golpe entre las teclas y la cubierta, como lo hacen otros interruptores de recorrido largo.

Controlar todo con el controlador

Al instalar el? controlador , puede configurar los siguientes ajustes :

  • Modos retroiluminados
  • Macros
  • Modo de juego
  • Habilitar / deshabilitar la tecla Win
  • Respuesta tiempo de pulsación de la tecla
  • Tasa de informe USB
  • Teclas multimedia
  • Perfiles

Cable Micro USB desmontable

El cable micro USB de 60 pulgadas del teclado mecánico de perfil bajo HAVIT HV-KB390L se puede desconectar del teclado. Es mucho más fácil transportar el teclado y el cable por separado que llevarlos conectados mientras está en movimiento, ¡también es más fácil reparar / reemplazar el cable!

Retroiluminación LED azul hielo

Elija entre los seis modos preestablecidos de retroiluminación presionando FN + F6-F11, o personalice el suyo propio presionando FN + F1-F5 (FN + F12 para guardar)

Lo que dicen

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Preguntas frecuentes

Customer Reviews

Based on 95 reviews
Khoa D.
Great keyboard

Low profile keys, red keys, keyboard is firm and works well.

Harley H.

Originally used Razer BlackWidow Original From 2009, Blue Switch Metal Frame,
The past 8 version Green Switch are not true blue, nor are red brown black,
Blue LOW Profile will be the future for those in the upper 50% of gaming brackets csgo/ow/arena/dota 2/starcraft,
Also quite enough to really press hard/smack on the keys if you have flatmates/office enviro,

Cheers to HAVIT for sending out to Keyboard to AUS 5/5 would buy again.

Hristo H.
Almost perfect!

Extremely comfortable and responsive keyboard. Functionality can be improved out of the box by replacing some of the backlight keys with dedicated media or function keys. I had to custom-map them, but I would like icons as well. My biggest problem with this keyboard is that it does not wake itself after sleep mode and I have to unplug it, and then plug it back in, and it only works with specific micro-usb cables.


Thank you so much for the kind review. If keyboard not waken from sleep, it may has to do with your setting in your computer. By searching on Google I found this article about solving this problem by adjusting BIOS setting ( https://tomlaforce.com/solved-keyboard-wont-wake-computer-from-sleep/ ), maybe it can help you too.

HAVIT Support Team


perfect at only the fourth of the size of my old G11. i love typing on it with the red switches and low profile. i just ordered a second one for work, as the transport gets quite annoying.
took longer than expected to be shipped, but this is a review about the product - which is amazing - and a bargain!

Vincent D.
This keyboard is a dream

I learned to type on laptop keyboards and thought I could only ever feel comfortable on ultra-flat keys. This keyboard feels awesome and I'm never going back

Mahmoud s.
Perfect , premium keyboard highly recommened

Was surprised with the build quality and the easy use of the app all work perfect together

Great keyboard for the price!

Got the blue switches and they are fantastic for typing. Good built quality and relatively light which makes moving it around really easy.

Jacqueline N.

HAVIT HV-KB390L Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard, 87-Key, Programmable, LED, Kailh PG1350

Ruslan S.
Review. HAVIT HV-KB390L Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard

Good day. I enjoy using your keyboard and would like to point out the following points:

Positive points:
1) It's great that the keyboard is low-profile, there is not much worthy to find in this segment now. I just wanted a low-profile one, so I ordered it from you.
2) Nice material of keycaps to the touch.
3) Nice lighting, RGB is not necessary and not necessary for everyone.
4) Great price for such a product.
5) Nice taiping.

Some disadvantages:
1) Some keys creak slightly when pressed, if you remove the keycap, you can see that the switches are not greased.
2) When you press the keys, in some places a metallic sound is emitted, as if resonating in the keyboard case. If the keyboard is placed on the mat, the sound becomes quieter, but still does not go away completely.
3) I wish you were able to connect the keyboard without a wire.

Overall a great product for its price. I am satisfied with the purchase. But if you had further refined the product, I'd rather pay more money for quality.

Dominik H.

HAVIT HV-KB390L Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard, 87-Key, Programmable, LED, Kailh PG1350

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