HAVIT HV-F2068 Enfriador para portátil de 5 ventiladores para portátiles de 14 a 17 pulgadas


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F2068 (2 Adjustable Height Levels) / Blue -En stock
F2068 (2 Adjustable Height Levels) / Red -En stock
F2068A (5 Adjustable Height Levels) / Blue -En stock
F2068A (5 Adjustable Height Levels) / Red -En stock

Enfriamiento superior, silencioso

Los 5 ventiladores silenciosos del enfriador para computadora portátil de 5 ventiladores HAVIT HV-F2068 crean un & amp; entorno libre de interferencias para usted. Proporciona un flujo de aire total de 65 CFM para alejar el calor de su computadora portátil.

Cinco ventiladores (1 x ventilador grande: 110 mm, 4 x ventiladores pequeños: 85 mm) con llamativa luz LED roja, optimizan la disipación de calor efecto para laptops de 14 "-17" (cuanto más brillante sea la luz, más rápida será la velocidad)

Confort ergonómico

Construya con antideslizante deflector y altura ajustable para satisfacer diferentes necesidades al trabajar o jugar, cómodo para el punto de vista natural.

Puertos USB adicionales

Puertos USB adicionales: doble -El concentrador USB permite conectar más dispositivos USB.

Calidad de construcción sólida

Construido con malla metálica de alta calidad que aleja el calor de la computadora portátil, confiable. < / p>


  • Dimensiones: 403 x 300 x 34MM
  • Tamaño del ventilador: Total de 5 ventiladores @ 110 x 110 x 15MM (1PCS) 85 x 85 x 15MM
  • Velocidad de rotación del ventilador: 1100RPM (1PCS): 1000 ± 10% 85mm (4PCS): 1500 ± 10%
  • Material: ABS + HIPS + MALLA MENTAL
  • Voltaje nominal: DC 5.0V
  • Nominal Cu rrent: 0.5-0.86 ± 5%
  • Puerto USB: 2
  • Longitud del cable USB: 60cm
  • Flujo de aire: 13 ± 10% (ventilador único)
  • Peso: 800 g
  • DBA: & lt; 43

El paquete incluye

    < li> 1x HAVIT HV-F2068 Enfriador para computadora portátil con 5 ventiladores
  • 1 x cable USB
  • 1 x tarjeta de servicio
  • 1 x manual del usuario
  • < / ul>

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  • Air flow: 13±10% (Single fan)
  • Dimensions: 403 x 300 x 34MM 
  • DBA: <43
  • Fan Size: Total of 5 fans @ 110 x 110 x 15MM(1PCS) 85 x 85 x 15MM
  • Fan Rotating Speed: 1100RPM(1PCS): 1000±10% 85mm(4PCS): 1500±10%
  • Length of USB cable: 60cm
  • Material: ABS + HIPS + MENTAL MESH
  • Rated Voltage: DC 5.0V
  • Rated Current: 0.5-0.86±5%
  • Weight: 800g
  • USB Port: 2

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Very nice laptop cooler

I have a Dell Inspiron i5 7706 laptop with 32gb ram. I do a lot of video streaming and the cooler works well keeping the cpu in the mid-70c temperature range. Excellent for avoiding cpu throttling.

Rick B.

HAVIT HV-F2068 5-Fan Laptop Cooler for 14-17 Inch Laptops

Geoff N.
HAVIT HV-F2068 5-Fan Laptop Cooler

It doesn't cool it down enough. Laptop stays too hot most the time.

Quiet. Works.

What more to expect? It's quiet. It works.

Great product

I bought this product because my Surface Pro was running hot. This significantly cools it down within minutes. I have been using it for about 2 months and it is still going strong.

It works perfectly.

Delivery was pretty fast. Although the packaging was quite minimal (just a cardboard box and a plastic sleeve) and quite buckled in few places, the contents, namely the product itself, the USB cable and the fold-out manual was fine. Does the of cooling the laptop job well and it's very quiet.

It does what it says !

Have used many cooling pads where the airflow is poor. This product really has a strong airflow and effectively keeps your laptop cool.
No regrets !

Chris D.
Habit Cooling pad

I have no issues with this product highly satisfied my laptop runs like a top now no overheating issues

Ryan S.

Great product. Best computer fan and it's quiet

Emmanuel Q.
Cool stuff

Bought this Fan Laptop Cooler mainly because of the gpu temperature on my laptop was too high when i play video games; it has brought it down 5-6 degrees cooler while i play now. At first I didn't think it would, but now I'm glad i got this product. Cool stuff indeed.

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