HAVIT MS732 Ratón para juegos RGB con 6400 DPI, retroiluminación de 7 colores, 6 botones (versión 2020)

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Retroiluminación de 7 colores con iluminación

HAVIT MS732 RGB para juegos El mouse tiene 7 modos de color RGB ajustables para que coincida con el entorno de juego variado, crea una atmósfera de juego elegante y genial. Presione el botón Adelante / Atrás + DPI para apagar la luz.

6 niveles de DPI para el juego &erio; Trabajo

Con 6 niveles de ppp disponibles de 800-1600-2400-3200-4800-6400 puntos por pulgada, proporciona una gran sensibilidad y un seguimiento preciso, perfecto tanto para juegos como para el trabajo.

Ratón ergonómico cómodo

Ratón de PC con superficie agradable para la piel y lado antideslizante para reducir la mano sudor, proporciona una sensación cómoda en la mano incluso durante un uso prolongado.

Ratón para juegos con cable

Ratón para juegos HAVIT MS732 RGB con un sensor de alta precisión que proporciona una mayor precisión. durabilidad, además de la mejor sensibilidad de respuesta, el mouse para juegos te brinda una gran ventaja en los juegos.


Compatible con Windows 2000/2003 / Win7 / 8/10 / Vista / ME. ideal para juegos, hogar, trabajo y diseño.

Customer Reviews

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Kameron D.
I need help

Its been a absolutely wonderful mouse for its price but I somehow reversed the way it moves (I cleaned it [all of it]) just to be safe, but it happened after my little brother got a hold of it is there a way I can undo it?


good mouse overall but you cant download the software anywhere not even from their website!


Please feel free to visit https://www.havit.hk/downloads and download the driver.

HAVIT Support Team

Worked good, only for 2 weeks.

After only 2 weeks. The sensor of the mouse broke on me. No I did not break it myself. It worked perfectly fine one night and then I went to go get dinner with some friends, came back and it stopped working. Terrible product.


Sorry to hear that the product is not working properly. If there's quality related problem of the product, please contact our customer services team at https://www.prohavit.com/pages/contact-us so we can investigate.

HAVIT Support Team

the best 100%

this mouse is amazing super easy to control and its comfortable and just right for gaming took awhile to find out how to change the light setting(just hold down the left button and click on the changing light button) this mouse is cheap and is better then half of my expensive mouses i bought from this company and i do not regret i also bought a keyboard with this mouse and their keyboard sound heavenly they have a clicky sound where it isn't to loud 10/10 most recommended keyboard and mouses

mouse driver

i have when to the website but cant seem to find the right driver

Carter S.
Mouse lighting

So I accidentally turned off the lights on my mouse. I cannot figure out how to turn them back on. Does anyone know?


You can press Forward / Back Button + D P I to turn on the light. If there's any other question, please contact our customer services team at https://www.prohavit.com/pages/contact-us so we can investigate.

HAVIT Support Team

aiden p.
solid mouse

its a solid mouse and for only 15 bucks. what a deal! i use it to play osu and notice no delay the lighting is pretty good but it took me a while to learn how to change it and there air little options but its 15 bucks

Not Bad

Over all very good doesn’t have any problems for me but it would be better if they could make it easier to find the software but no problem I got the combo over all not bad you guys have a good thing going

Tyler S.
Good mouse, Cant find download to reprogram

i for one love the mouse but cannot for the life of me find the software, if i could find the software would be 5 star


Sorry for the inconvenience. Please feel free to visit https://www.havit.hk/downloads and download the software. If there's any other question, please let me know.

HAVIT Support Team

Adrian F.
OK for the people that want the software

Overall I like the mouse a lot u can do macros or just change the DPIs in the loop but for those you need the software what most of you guys cant find so here https://www.havit.hk/downloads/ scroll down and look for the model which should be under the mouse

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